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  • Redge Fit Workouts: Back and Biceps Workout Guide

    The back and biceps are dual muscle groups that are commonly paired during a training split. This classic split works great as the back and biceps are connected, and if you are new to training then this workout below is great for gaining experience and practicing good form. Not only will this workout work on… READ MORE

  • Redge Fit Workout: Complete Full-Body Training Guide

    Whether you are short on time or don’t like going to the gym, you can tackle these problems by using the Redge Fit Machine. This is portable gym equipment that can be fitted into your backpack and assembled within minutes. Save time on commuting to get a workout as there are no excuses left for… READ MORE

  • How To Develop Big Legs with This Redge Fit Leg Workout

    For many sports, and for everyday life, lower body strength can make your movement much easier, giving you a leg up on the competition. If you like to work out but you’re not a gym person, you might think that cardio training such as running, hiking, and cycling can be your choice for a good… READ MORE

  • Redge Fit Upper Body Workout

    The Redge Fit is the ultimate gym equipment that allows you to work out from anywhere, whether at home, outdoor, or office. You have to freedom to adjust the weight based on your need as it comes with multiple resistant bands. That means no more training at the gym if you’re uncomfortable there or simply… READ MORE