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Clinton Suh is a fitness fanatic, rising social media star, and entrepreneur with hundreds of thousands of followers combined on Instagram and TikTok. Clinton started working out because he had always struggled with fitness and has since made it a priority to share his knowledge. 

Clinton is the founder of 11VN which stands for “11:11” and this symbolizes dreams that can turn into reality. 11VN sells oversized fitness apparel for men and soft fabric for women including premium quality t-shirts, joggers, and leggings. 

Let us dive deeper into Clinton’s background to get an insight into his mindset, lifestyle, and motivation that inspires thousands of people.

Clinton Suh: Quick Facts

Date of BirthUnknown
Years Training20+ Years
Awards and AccomplishmentsPAC 12 First Team Rower, Founder of 11VN
Social MediaInstagram and TikTok @11VNFIT
Best Known ForHead of Commerce, NA On Running

Clinton Suh Biography

Clinton Suh was born in Los Angeles, CA. He attended the University of Southern California and studied at the Marshall School of Business. Clinton is of South Korean descent, as his family emigrated to the US in search of the ‘American Dream’.

In the early stages of his life, Clinton had the underdog mentality of “nothing to lose, and everything to gain”. 

“The underdog should never feel that they do not have the tools or resources,” Clinton says. “My parents are a big inspiration, their relentless effort and selflessness are the principles and morals that I hold today.” 

Clinton has a passion for marketing and building brands. He held leadership roles at name brands such as Vans and was the Senior Director of Digital Strategy for the luxury name brand, Coach, and currently is the Head of eCommerce for North America at On Running. 

During nights and weekends, Clinton runs a fitness account on Instagram which has amassed nearly 100K followers, and TikTok, which has over 66K followers, while also managing his personal brand 11VN.

Since he can remember, Clinton was always into fitness as his outlet. He started weightlifting as he did not want to accept “mediocrity in terms of [his] immigrant upbringing”. After a short period, he noticed his physique and fitness started to improve progressively. He eventually worked his way up from high school sports to become a collegiate rower for the University of Southern California, for which he has presented the distinction of Pac-12 First Team. 

“I tackle fitness across the corporate world, personal identity, and social environment. To me, life is a journey and you’ve got to make it a lifestyle,” Clinton says. Sharing his fitness journey with others has become a core element of Clinton’s identity over time. “This is something that folks would frequently ask me about,” he explains. “Enabling information sharing amongst something that you do organically is something that maximizes my overall fulfillment.” 

Clinton Suh: 11VNFIT

At the height of the pandemic, Clinton made a big decision to launch 11VN in 2020, which is his brand. The name represents “11:11”. The impetus behind this is that “if you can dream it, you can make it into a reality”. 

After leading digital for billion-dollar brands like Coach, Clinton believes that he can use his skills in digital marketing for his brand, which is a passion of his. 

On his website 11VN, you can find athletic “oversized” clothing for men and soft fabric for women. In addition, you can find easy-to-follow workout programs: Three Month Full Body Workout Plan (at-home edition), and a Three Month Full Body Workout Plan (gym edition). Each program has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced version which enables you to choose each version and follow the one that is best suited to your ability. 

Clinton Suh Workout 

After spending some time in the gym and becoming more confident in his abilities, Clinton regularly shares his workouts and nutrition advice on his fitness accounts on Instagram and TikTok, demonstrating the “hacks” that have helped him to achieve his shredded physique. Across his socials, he shows his specific six-pack routine and pro tips to get a Greek God physique. 

Clinton’s core workouts are 1-2 hours, 5 days a week. In the mornings he starts with a lifting session between 30 to 60 minutes, and then a run after work. This is the secret to his shredded physique.

What is included in Clinton Suh’s Training Routine?

  • Cardio
  • Full-body workout focused on compound movements
  • Powerlifting

Clinton’s Six Pack Abs Routine

  • Leg Raises: 45 seconds on x 15 seconds rest
  • Plank Knees To Elbow: 45 seconds on x 14 seconds rest
  • Butterfly Crunches: 45 seconds on x 14 seconds rest
  • Mountain Climbers: 45 seconds on x 14 seconds rest
  • Plank: 45 seconds on x 14 seconds rest

Clinton’s Full Body Routine

  • Deadlifts (Back and Lower Body Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Overhead Press (Shoulders, Chest, and Triceps Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Barbell Rows (Back Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Squats (Lower Body Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Barbell Bicep Curls (Arms Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps

Clinton’s Upper Body Routine

This is a total upper-body workout that will tone your physique and increase strength. 

  • Reverse Front Raises (Chest Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Cross Body Hammer Curls (Outer Bicep Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Lateral Raises (Shoulder Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Overhead Tricep Press (Tricep Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps
  • Bicep Curls (Bicep Focus): 4 sets x 11 reps

The message that 11VN conveys is that “there is no perfect workout split.” He says “you’ve got to find a workout that works well for you.” Clinton finds enjoyment in pushing himself to the limit.

Clinton Suh’s Diet and Nutrition 

In terms of his diet, Clinton always knew the importance of nutrition to sculpt a shredded physique. You can find his nutrition plan for free on the footer of his website. He does intermittent fasting as this ensures that he has more energy without having breakfast in the morning.

Emerging evidence has shown that the health benefits of intermittent fasting stretch beyond calorie restriction and weight loss. A 2022 study suggests benefits in a metabolic shift in energy production, optimization of peripheral circadian clocks, and overall improvement in physiological markers of metabolic health. 

Clinton plans his meals around lean proteins, high fiber, fruit, and vegetables. He cuts carbs out of his diet. “There’s no perfect solution, it’s all trial and error.” He emphasizes “the only thing that’s going to work is what you can sustain long term. 

Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: lots of water 
  • Lunch: Chicken breast with grilled vegetables and Konjac rice
  • Snacks: Blueberry with greek yogurt or healthy homemade ice cream
  • Dinner: Chicken breast or tempeh with endless veggies

The main hack that helped Clinton stay lean is to limit his carbs intake from his diet and eat uncooked vegetables. 


Clinton has partnered with Snap Supplements to bring you organic supplements with the mission to help people perform and live their best life naturally by combining modern science with generations of nutritional knowledge. His personal supplement stacks are L-carnitine, snap gut health (turmeric and aloe vera blend), and BCCA. You can find a link to the full supplement list here where you can use code “11VN” for a 10% discount.

What Can We Learn From Clinton Suh?  

Clinton Suh is a positive example of a person who achieved the American Dream. Growing up and witnessing his parents’ struggle and determination to build a better life for the family has influenced his appreciation of hard work and entrepreneurship. He was able to turn his dreams into a reality by having the freedom to work anywhere he wants, providing a better future for his family while going about his daily life. 

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Contacts and Booking Info 

For any inquiries, you can get in touch with Clinton via his Instagram and TikTok.

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