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You may have heard of the term “opposite attracts” which means people with different characteristics mix well. I agree with this to a certain extent as you can expand each other’s horizons and stretch your empathy muscles.

However, wouldn’t you agree that if you’re looking for a partner or a workout buddy the importance of fitness to compatibility will play a big role in a relationship?

Fitness Singles is a fitness dating site that connects active singles who share similar interests to meet for romance or friendship. You can find someone who likes the same sporting activities as you to help you stay motivated in training, whether it’s yoga, pilates, weight training, or hiking. Break a sweat and share a passion with another!

Getting Started With Fitness Singles

Having a dedicated fitness partner is scientifically proven to increase the training output through higher intensity. Self-efficacy and enjoyment were significantly related to effort in the more intense sessions. 

Fitness Singles is a site-focused service and it is not available for Android and iOS devices. You can sign up via the web on a desktop. The first step is to fill out some basic initial information: your gender, sexuality, the age range you’re seeking, your name, location, email, and the type of fitness activities you enjoy. You can select three favorite activities from a list of over 40 sports and your skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

Setting up your profile should take under 10 minutes, then you’ll have to upload a profile picture and a little “tell us more about yourself” box. And… that’s it, you’ll wait for a 24-hour review process. Once approved, Fitness Singles will put you straight into the dating pool where you can browse and look for active singles near you.  Below is an example “more about me…” of a search result.

Fitness Singles Cost

You can use the service for free, or opt for a premium subscription. Subscriptions are designed to get you to sign up for 1-month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12-month plans. Users can pay between $7.99/month to $19.95/per month depending on how long of a subscription you are willing to pay upfront. With this, you’ll get:

  • Read emails on desktop or mobile
  • Initiate Contact With Other Singles
  • Send & Receive email messages
  • Chat With Singles On Instant Messaging Within the Site
  • Rank higher in searches

Fitness Singles Interface and Profiles

Before listing your profile in the site’s search function, you can add more features to your help narrow your profile according to specific interests or personality criteria. Once that’s all set up, you can jump right in. 

Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you. I suggest choosing a profile picture of you smiling as it’ll create a ripple effect on those who are browsing Fitness Singles. Research suggests that smiling is among the main determinants of facial attractiveness and creates a perception of happiness. Use this one to your advantage! 

The Search Bar

When in search of your fitness partner you have the option to filter what you’re looking for (men or women), how far their distance (any miles), the age range (18 to the upper limit you choose), and fitness and health features such as sports interests. 

After hitting the search button a list of potential partners will come up with their profile picture, age, and location. If there’s someone who you like you can click on their profile to find out more about them like you would on Facebook or Instagram. If everything checks out you can do all of these three options “Save”, “Email”, or “Show Interest”. The Show Interest feature is a way to break the ice. The list of the prepared messages is shown below:

Once the message is sent, you wait for the other person to respond. Remember that sending and receiving emails and instant messaging are available for subscription users only. This is one of the disadvantages of the free feature as you cannot fully personalize your messages. 

The design of this site looks decent as it’s easy to navigate around and you don’t need to familiarize yourself with the icons much. However, what I dislike is that the site looks outdated as it gave me the retro home screen vibes. This site has been around since 2003 and I would guess that the developers kept it the same since then (haha!).

Fitness singles have no dedicated mobile app which for the present day we live in seems a bit bizarre. It’d be great if the developers could create Andriod and iOS apps to increase engagement as more often than not, the “last visit” online status for users usually appears to be 24 hours or longer which shows that people are not that active on this site.

Fitness Singles Dating: Notification Alerts

Aside from reaching out to others, they can reach out to you, and Fitness Singles will notify you by sending an email whenever someone checked out your profile or when a member in your area uploaded a new primary photo. This will prompt you to view their gallery and learn more about that. 

The Final Verdict: A Generic Fitness Dating App

If you want to find a relationship that goes beyond traditional matchmaking then Fitness Singles might be the solution for you. It’s a decent website for fitness enthusiasts to find love among people who share a passion for fitness…

A 2021 research study found that exercising with another person, particularly with someone who is fitter than you, will make you perform better. Therefore, you’ll likely get a better workout with another than you would on your own.

My experience with Fitness Singles was, admittedly, somewhat dry as I’m limited to only a few choices after filtering my search. I’ve put “I am a man looking for women aged 18-30 within 5,000 miles of my address” and I get six search results…not great if you ask me.

When I expand the search by increasing the upper age limit to 40 years, more results come up. To conclude, if you’re looking for a fitness buddy over the age of 30 years then this fitness singles dating site is worth a try, but if you’re interested in younger matches you’re better off using Tinder or Hinge. 

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