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Kensui EZ Vest

Phone: 800-359-7180

Review Summary:

The Kensui EZ Vest is a great vest that will challenge your body and move it out of a plateau. The world’s heaviest weight vest can load up to 300 lbs. It gives you the ability to load the weight you want and allows you to modify your training according to your fitness level. it’s secured and doesn’t wiggle or pinch your skin like most weighted vests.

  • PROS:
  • Load weight up to 300 lbs. The capacity on this vest is the highest I know. You will keep getting stronger as you add more weights.
  • Train your entire body with this vest. Use it for calisthenics or cardio sessions.
  • Soft padding alleviates any pain from training different movements. They don’t dig into your neck and shoulders.
  • Made of high-quality materials that will last for a very long time. No need to replace this equipment due to wear and tear. You have a 100-day money-back guarantee if it breaks.
  • CONS:
  • It’s expensive, this vest costs a whopping $249!
  • You’ll need weight plates to train with them, so for many, you’ll have to go to the gym to use weight plates.
  • The vest will become uncomfortable to wear at higher loads. The plates can sometimes get into your face when doing certain movements such as dips and push ups!

Quick Facts:

Founded: 2019
Price: $97-$249
Beginner Friendly: Yes

Risk of Injury: Minimal if you use weight that is suitable to your strength
Founded by: Remy Mock
Target Audience: Intermediate to Advanced Level Athletes

Benefits Expected?: Build Muscle & Strength, Increase Endurance, Boost Weight Loss

The Kensui EZ Vest is my favorite weighted vest on the market. It’s a device that takes my training to a new level by adding more resistance to my bodyweight movements.

A weighted vest can be used for building muscle, strength, endurance, and cardio training. You can add weight plates up to 300LBS to the Kensui EZ Vest. I’ve tried all sorts of weighted vests, this one feels the most comfortable. 

As Men’s Health points out, your body is an adaptable machine and in order to continue to get stronger, you will need to give your muscles more stimulus to continue growing. Fortunately, a weight vest supplies that very “progressive overload” you need to give your muscles continued stimulus.

I’ll tell you everything I know about the Kensui EZ Vest through my many uses of this incredible device, including both the good and even a few not-so-great aspects.

Kensui EZ Vest Review

Let me give you a quick rundown of all the Kensui Vest models. The Kensui Lite is the most basic version. This model has a max load of 60 lbs, thin padding, and the latch system is velcro. 

The Kensui Pro has a max load of 130 lbs with a 6mm pad thickness. This one will feel more comfortable than the Kensui Lite due to its extra thickness and air-mesh padded lining.

This article will be a full review of the Kensui EZ Ves Max. Theis is the model that I own and recommend for its great features. This way, you’ll know what to do when receiving your Kensui Vest.

Unboxing the Kensui EZ Vest 

The Kensui EZ Vest was delivered in tight and secured packaging with foam and bubble wrapped around the device and its parts. What caught my attention was the leather padding and the metal latch release buckle. This has a premium feel to it.

Inside the box contains a small travel bag (weighing 4.6 lbs), with attachments, quick-release buckles, and an extra-long sleeve to compensate for up to 300 lbs of weight. 


What makes this vest so great is its innovative weight-loading method which is compatible with most weight plates. The overall design is ergonomically sound, and the soft leather padding feels comfortable.

The sleeves are 9.5cm long and made out of aluminum. It is strong and long enough to hold several weight plates. I like to keep around 45 lbs of plates on each side of the vest as this is a comfortable weight for me to practice the calisthenics fundamentals: pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and squats.

Another unique feature of this device is its spin and lock collars. You can easily slide the plates on and lock them securely in place. When adding more weights to my Kensui EZ Vest Max, it never slides around.

Once you put the vest on, the slide and release buckle makes it easy to adjust the vest to your frame. Putting a weighted vest on has never been so easy.

Kensui EZ Vest Quality

I can tell you that there has been a lot of research and development that has gone into the Kensui EZ Vest Max. The sleek design and its comfort during use will give you an extra unique challenge.

Kensui vests can take a beating. The usual wear and tear from weight plates are no match for the aluminum sleeve and pad thickness. 

The earlier models of the EZ Vest had thinner pads which may not be comfortable around the chest, back, and shoulder area when you have the weighted vest on. But, we don’t need to worry about that as the pad is 8mm thick.

Kensui Vest Comparison

Kensui EZ Vest Lite Kensui EZ Vest Pro Kensui EZ Vest Max
Ideal for: Beginner/Intermediate Athletes who wants to develop strength, endurance, and cardio. Ideal for: Beginner/Intermediate Athletes that want added resistance to increase muscle stress during workout. Ideal for: Intermediate/Pro Athletes that wants to load maximum resistance while maintaining comfort to maximize muscle gains.
Max Load (60lbs) Max Load (130lbs) Max Load (300lbs)
25 lb. Pad Thickness (N/A) 25 lb. Pad Thickness (6mm) 25 lb. Pad Thickness (8mm)
Latch System (Velcro) Latch System (Velcro) Latch System (SRB Buckle)
Padding Lining (N/A) Padding Lining (Air mesh) Padding Lining (PU Leather)
Sleeve Length (7cm) Sleeve Length (7cm) Sleeve Length (9.5cm)
Material (Fiberglass) Material (Fiberglass) Material (Aluminium)
Price: $99.00
Price: $84.15
Price: $149.00
Price: $126.65
Price: $249.00
Price: $211.65
Buy Now (15% OFF) Buy Now (15% OFF) Buy Now (15% OFF)

Kensui EZ Vest Comfort

I was skeptical before trying it on, but the vest is comfortable, and it’s super easy to get on and off. The minimalist design makes it great for all sorts of movement. 

This is the most comfortable and easiest to change the weight, and I’ve had many weighted vests before. Just preload plates while the vest is flat on the ground and pull it over your head. It fits snugly unlike most weighted vests I’ve tried.

The adjustable slide-release buckle means you can fit it to any body type. It is quick and efficient during use, and the material is sturdy, strong, durable, and breathable. 

Having washable padding is a big plus because, after frequent use, the odor can build up. You can clean it by removing the padding and either handwashing it with antibacterial soap, or using a washing machine with a cold temperature and hanging it dry.


How Does The Kensui EZ Vest Work?

This is a weight-loading vest that you put on like a t-shirt. Weight plates will be strapped on securely on a 9.5cm sleeve that is compatible with all weight plates. Wearing this will add more resistance to your body and get more out of each rep. 

You can train every muscle in your body with this equipment. Perfect for weighted running, pull ups, chin ups, squats, lunges, dips, push ups, and many more exercises.

How The Kensui EZ Vest Has Changed?

All products undergo modifications and upgrades as the manufacturer discovers innovative ideas to improve their product. The Kensui EZ Vest is no different. 

The newest model has been designed so it can load more weight and fit any body type more comfortably than you wouldn’t be able to with previous models. Check out the images below.  The old model is on the left, and on the right is the newest model with more padding and longer sleeves.

As you can see, the Kensui EZ Vest Max has soft leather padding around the chest and shoulder area, along with a slide-release buckle which means it fits all sizes, you can use the EZ Vest Pro.

Is The Kensui EZ Vest Safe?

The Kensui Vest is safe for most users because you can change the weight to lower the load to train and gradually scale up. It’s a great way to ease your body into weighted calisthenics. Add more weight plates over time as you get more comfortable.

Why is the Kensui EZ Vest So Expensive?

Its price is one of the biggest down factors regarding the EZ Vest, especially since you can get weighted vests for $29.99. But, in that case, you’re paying for an uncomfortable strap that pinches your skin while training. 

You’re paying for a truly innovative device that allows you to train your entire body in the same ranges of motion and comfort you won’t be able to with any other device.

What Don’t I Like About the Kensui EZ Vest?

The pricing of this vest is high for a weighted vest that does not come with any weights. Just to put it into perspective, at $249, the Kensui EZ Max Vest costs more than Gravity Fitness Vest and the Bull Dog Vest combined, with weight included. 

Another thing is if you were to put 45 lbs plates on, you may have difficulty with neck movement because the plate would be at around chin height. 

Is The Kensui EZ Vest Worth It?

Unquestionably, the Kensui EZ Vest Max is worth every penny. If you’re into calisthenics, it is a must-have piece of equipment. According to Remy Mock, Founder, and CEO of Kensui Fitness, “We have a lot of people in the Military and the firefighters that are really into the weight vest”.

Even if you’re not involved in this field, having a strong and conditioned body can keep you in shape and elevate your workouts. 

My Favourite Uses For The Kensui EZ Vest

My personal favorite exercises for the EZ Vest are sprint training, pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, and lunges.

A 2022 study suggests that weighted vest sprint training may result in high forces due to high accelerations even when the mass is relatively light. This may optimize training adaptations and crossover to sporting performance.

I like to perform these with 35 lbs plates on each side to train my full entire body with added resistance. I feel the burn after doing the first set of each exercise.

Kensui Vest – Final Thoughts

The Kensui EZ Max vest is, in my experience, a great additional piece of equipment to enhance your training. You can use it to train everybody part of your body. It’s easy to put on and adjust the weight to suit your level. I highly recommend it!

The Kensui EZ Vest Is Ideal For:

  • Anyone interested in improving their muscular endurance, strenth and running speed
  • Build more muscle
  • Vary the intensity to your training
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Calisthenics athletes and regular gym goers
  • If you want to purchase the Kensui Vest, use coupon code “GYMLESSFAMILY” for an extra 15% off your final price:

    Kensui Fitness Contact Info

    Company: Kensui Fitness
    Phone: 800-359-7180
    Support Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm (EST)
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    Kensui EZ Vest

    Phone: 800-359-7180


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