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Redge Fit

Phone: 1-800-987-7114

Review Summary:

So you want to get fit without having to go to the gym? The Redge Fit is a revolutionary all-in-one portable gym device that allows you to target every muscle group in the body.  You can have a great workout in the comfort of your own home thanks to the attachable bar, foam handles, and high-quality resistance bands. Each band provides 30lbs of resistance to keep things simple and can load up to 240 lbs on this machine to challenge your workouts. Want 10% OFF on your purchase? Use the code PATCHADWICK10.

  • PROS:
  • Train every muscle in the comfort of your own home
  • Made of high-quality material that is designed to last a long time
  • Lightweight, easy to store, and carry. It takes up minimal space and can be thrown in a suitcase or backpack
  • Comes with an app that provides you with various exercise tutorials, exercise programs, and on-demand workouts
  • CONS:
  • Resistance may not be ideal for some people. Each band provides increments of 30LBS which can be a big jump for some people (going from 30LBS to 60LBS…) and create unrealistic progress
  • Certain exercise movements may feel unnatural due to the elasticity of the resistance band

Quick Facts:

Founded: 2015
Price: $64.99-$129.99
Beginner Friendly: Yes

Risk of Injury: Minimal
Founded by: Redge Fit
Target Audience: Athletes of All Levels

Benefits Expected?: Cutting, Strength, Lean Muscle Retention, Performance & Power

The Redge Fit is great if you want to get in shape but never wanted to become a gym-goer. This smart device allows me to target the exact muscle groups at the same intensity as all those machines and dumbbells at the gym in the comfort of my own home.

This fitness bar has exceeded my expectations. Within a few reps, I’m already feeling my muscles burning. It was easy to set up, easy to use and packs away in a small bag. Don’t need lots of space in the room to use.

I’ve tried various exercises with it, and it works. So, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about the Redge Fit through my years of using variable resistance training. 

Redge Fit Reviews

Let’s begin the review. The Redge Fit device can be purchased on its own or in bundle packs with other items included such as the ab roller, fabric resistance bands set, workout mat, and waist shaper. 

On its own, the Redge Fit device comes with a heavy-duty bar, cable handles, and four or six bands each providing 30lbs of resistance. I like the ease of adding bands to increase the resistance.

This will be a full review of the Redge Fit Bar. The package offers an endless amount of workouts that target every part of your body. This way, you’ll know what you expect when you receive your Redge Fit. 

Unboxing The Redge Fit

The Redge Fit arrived in a box that is compacted into a small bag, which can be packed into a backpack or travel bag. The bar and cable handles have a good grippy texture and feel sturdy (ideal for me as I get sweaty palms!). Also, you’ll get:

  • Resistance bands (4 or 6, depending on which package you chose)
  • Adjustable straps (accommodate different heights)
  • Cable handles
  • Travel bag
  • User manual

A sleek design that feels great during use. What I find most convenient is the small bag, you can dismantle it in minutes, then pack it in the small and take it with you on trips.

Redge Fit Features

What makes the Redge Fit unique in comparison to other similar products in the market is the retractable bar. This allows gym exercises such as barbell squats, bicep curls, and deadlifts to be performed anywhere, anytime.

The adjustable resistance bands make it easy to scale your workouts, the more bands you add to the bar, the more resistance which will create a progressive overload. A study suggests that adding more resistance elicits greater metabolic stress, and it appears to be a potent stimulus or inducing muscle hypertrophy and strength increases. 

I prefer to start with two bands to warm up, and gradually increase bands to allow more resistance placed on the muscles. Doing squats with four bands has my muscles sore. This is a good sign that the home gym works. By the way, if you want to prime your muscles for the workout, here’s my personal warm up routine.

Another great feature is the adjustable strap which is used to make sure that the Ridge Fit bar matches your height. 

The cable handles can be used to replicate free weight or cable machine exercises. This can be done by placing your weight on the bar while holding each handle and performing movements such as bicep curls or shoulder presses. 

According to Men’s Health, the cable teaches you to work your muscles throughout the lift. Being able to execute a movement under control, from any angle is a great way to isolate your muscles.

Once you get used to the Redge Fit, you’ll have access to an endless amount of workouts. It’s great for hitting many muscle groups without lugging heavyweights around. I sometimes enjoy doing mini-workouts throughout the day too. 

One of the problems I encountered is that I am limited to 6 bands which is a total of 180 lbs of resistance. For squats, I’d like to have more resistance for hypertrophy. 

By the way, if you want to complement your lower body training with the correct form, here’s a comprehensive squat tutorial I have previously created.

But this 180 lbs of resistance should be more than enough for beginners to intermediate level. You don’t have to go heavy if you don’t want to. 

Review of The Buying Process + Shipping

This product has great and quick service, it was easy to order. Emails are sent to keep you updated on the shipping process for when your Redge Fit will be delivered. We have a 15% discount code for you to use: PATCHADWICK10.

Redge Fit Quality

The Redge Fit is made with quality material, durable, and lightweight enough to be stored anywhere. What I like about this is the texture of the bar and cable handles, they feel grippy.

It’s not made out of knock-off materials that will break over time. The lightweight heavy-duty bar is durable and sturdy which I love, and the bands have not yet broken. 

Rest assured that the quality is top-notch. 

Redge Fit Comfort

If you’ve used weights in the gym you might have come across callouses on your hands from the rough texture of the dumbbells or the barbells. For me, the texture of the bar and the cable handle dramatically improve the comfort of the Redge Fit device. 

A grippy and soft texture ensures that your hands don’t slip and are calloused up as fast from the repetitive movements that produced friction on your skin. 

The convenience of the Redge Fit makes it works very well. It’s easy, and portable, so there’s no reason for you not to take this with you and get a workout where ever you are.

Redge Fit Bundle Packs Comparison

Core Focus Pro Pack Home Gym Pro Pack Full Body All In One Pack
Ideal for: Beginner/Intermidiate Athletes that wants to focus on core strength workouts. Ideal for: Beginner/Intermediate Athletes that want a complete full body workout and get in shape from home. Ideal for:Beginner/Intermediate Athletes that want a full package of the entire Redge Fit catalog and get in shape from home.
Redge Portable Gym Machine ✅ Redge Portable Gym Machine ✅ Redge Portable Gym Machine ✅
Sweat Belt ✅ Sweat Belt ❌ Sweat Belt ✅
Ab Roller Pro ❌ Ab Roller Pro ✅ Ab Roller Pro ✅
Fabric Resistance Bands ❌ Fabric Resistance Bands ✅ Fabric Resistance Bands ✅
Yoga Mat ✅ Yoga Mat ❌ Yoga Mat ✅
Price: $345.31
Price: $124.99
Price: $371.88
Price: $134.99
Price: $451.66
Price: $164.99
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Redge Fit Workouts

Here is a table of 24 exercises that you can do with the Redge Fit, you can target every muscle in your body.

Alternatively, you can work out with me by trying out these follow-along routines. This will help you challenge your body consistently in the correct ways to help you reach your fitness goals:

Redge Fit Alternative: The X3 Bar

If you’re looking for a more durable and functional home gym alternative for a compact set of home gym equipment that still lets you crank out full-body workouts, the X3 Bar is a great option. This kit features equivalent components to maximize the number of exercises available. It even comes with a ground plate to protect your ankles from high forces produced by the X3

In this X3 Bar: Product Review and Workouts (2022) article I look into the pros and cons of this machine. It comes with a heavy-duty alloy bar with internal bearings, like an Olympic bar a ground plate, and custom-engineered resistance bands that provides up to 600 lbs of resistance (extra-light, light, medium, and heavy).

  • Full Muscle Exhaustion in Single Set
  • A Portable, All-In-One Home Gym System
  • Up to 30% More Resistance Than Other Bands


How Does The Redge Fit Work?

The Redge Fit works by providing linear resistance through a durable resistance band that is attached to a bar and cable handles. You can switch between doing barbell and cable workouts to target all muscle groups with this device.

How To Use The Redge Fit at Home?

A Redge Fit will come with a bar fitted with adjustable resistance bands attached on both ends. It can be used as an anchor point for your muscles by placing your feet either on the bar or the cable handles. 

You can also slide the adjustable strap on top of the door, gently close the door and make sure the strap stays behind the door. From here you can use the cable handles to do cable exercises.

The adjustable strap can be altered to suit your height requirements. Check out the video to see how the four ways I use the Redge Fit.

Is The Redge Fit Safe?

The Redge Fit is safe to use for the majority of the population as the resistance can be adjusted to a lighter load to accommodate beginners. The lowest resistance is 30 lbs, this is an easy base to start where you can gradually scale up the resistance as you get stronger.

The bar and cable handles are made out of grippy and soft material that is comfortable to use.

I do not suggest that kids should use this device on their own, but with adult supervision. 

Is The Redge Fit Worth it?

For sure the Redge Fit is worth the money. If you want a portable gym that is made with quality material, durable, and lightweight enough to be stored away, then it is a must-have piece of equipment. 

For those who do not want to become a gym-goer or are short on time and want to get in shape, you can target the exact muscle groups at the same intensity as those exercise machines or free weights in the comfort of your own home!

My Favourite Uses For The Redge Fit?

My personal favorite exercise is the barbell squat and barbell split squats. I like to perform these by placing the barbell on my lower traps and feet on the handles. The resistance provided by the bands gives my legs a good burn.

After doing 3-4 sets, my legs would feel fatigued.

My second favorite exercise is the cable chest press. I get a good chest pump from this and it also works on my unilateral strength (performing a movement on a single arm or leg). 

Redge Fit – Final Thoughts

The Redge Fit bar is great for those who prefer to work out at home or travel a lot. It is easy to set up and very compact when put back in the travel bag. Surprisingly, the bands are high quality so I’m sure that this equipment is made to last a very long time!

The Redge Fit Is Ideal For:

  • Home workouts
  • Tone muscles and get in shape
  • People on the go: it’s compact and takes no space to store
  • Prefer to have various workout routines
  • Beginners to expert fitness enthusiasts
  • Redge Fit Contact Info

    Company: Redge Fit
    Phone: 1-800-987-7114
    Support Hours: Monday-Friday open 24 hours
    Website URL:


    Redge Fit

    Phone: 1-800-987-7114


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    1. Sammy Mozes Avatar
      Sammy Mozes

      I like using the redge fit. It’s easy to travel with and I love using the redge fit when I’m at home or at a hotel room. The squats are another level with this device.

    2. Anand Pusha Avatar
      Anand Pusha

      Redge Fit is awesome, lightweight and easy to carry. I travel with it and use it in hotel rooms, parks, office and literally everywhere I go. You definitely can get a full body workout from using redge fit.

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