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Source: The Liver King’s Instagram

The Liver King, aka, Brian Johnson is a jacked fitness influencer who is often seen shirtless on social media and has amassed millions of followers by promoting his way of living, which he calls the “9 Ancestral Tenets”.

The main tenet, for which he is best known, is to eat nutrient-dense foods such as animal liver, bone marrow, and testicles. 

Recently, Johnson posted another viral video—an apologetic one. The Liver King admitted to taking anabolic steroids, something that he had continually denied in the past. The confession video has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube. 

On the Diary of A CEO podcast, the Liver King has admitted that he has a business portfolio that is worth $100 million based around the “9 Ancestral Tenets”. He claimed that his social media presence has made very little impact on his net worth. 

In 2006, the Liver King and his now wife of 18 years, Barbara Johnson, otherwise known as the Liver Queen. They invested a combined $500K to found their first million-dollar business, a boutique dental practice called “Dentique Dentistry”. The Liver King once said in an interview that “[w]e took a practice that was doing $400K per year… [and] within a year it was doing $1.2 million… [and] within 3 years it was doing $5.2 million.”

A business-savvy, modern-day barbarian man has founded Heart & Soil, Ancestral Supplement, and The Fittest, which make up the majority of his $10 million per year portfolio. Let us now dive deeper into the upbringing and motivation behind Brian Johnson, and why his unique life has inspired millions of people to follow his philosophies.

The Liver King: Quick Facts

Date of Birth7 April 1997
Years Training32 Years (Since Middle School)
Awards and Accomplishments$100 Million Per Year Business Portfolio
Social MediaInstagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook @liverking
Best Known ForThe Liver King, 9 Ancestral Tennents

What is The Liver King’s Net Worth?

Source: The Liver King’s Instagram

The Liver King has a net worth of roughly $100 million. A recent GQ article cited this figure, so in all likelihood, it portrays a credible range. He has been one of the most viral fitness influencers since 2022, and most of his fortune comes from his supplement empire, Heart & Soil, Ancestral Supplement, and The Fittest.

The Liver King Biography

Source: The Liver King’s Instagram

Brian Johnson was born on 7 April 1977, in Austin, Texas. He attended John Marshall High School, in Leon Valley, Texas. Brian grew up as an awkward pre-teen who was bullied continuously for his small physique. Brian’s father passed away when he was a baby. Therefore, he had no stable father figure in his life to guide him. Growing up, Brian, his mother, and his older brother moved around a lot. 

In middle school, his stepfather, Mark, gifted him a bench press machine, where he found himself working out and quickly developed a sense of discipline, control, and confidence that he was desperately missing. At age 16, he had an impressive physique and the kids in school began to accept him and even look up to him. 

Eventually, Brian Johnson graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in chemistry. After, he began working for a pharmaceutical company as a sales rep, making between $100K to $125 per year. He made enough money to treat himself to expensive hobbies such as snowboarding.

The Liver King Meets His Queen

In 2004, Brian met with Barbara, then a dental specialist, on the ski slope, who is now known as the Liver Queen. Like a scene in the movie, everything changed once he laid eyes on her. The Liver King offered to show her around, and a few months later they got engaged and eventually got married. The couple had two sons known as the Savage Liver Boys.

In 2006, the power couple combined a $500K investment to kickstart their first million-dollar business, a boutique dental practice called “Dentique Dentistry”. Within three years, the business was doing $5.2 million in annual recurring revenue.

The Liver Queen’s mastery of the dental scene proved to be the catalyst for their next business venture: the Liver King’s $100 million business empire. Before becoming viral on social media, Liver King founded many companies, with these three making up the majority of his portfolio: Heart & Soil, Ancestral Supplement, and The Fittest.

The Liver King now has over 6 million followers across his social media platforms as an entrepreneur and fitness influencer. He promotes the “9 Ancestral Tenets” across his social profiles, which he considers the keys to unlocking your truest, most primal self. 

The Liver King’s Wife: The Liver Queen

Source: The Liver Queen’s Instagram

The Liver King is married to Barbara Johnson, otherwise known as the Liver Queen. Barbara is a Polish-American dental specialist, businesswoman, and social media influencer. The couple met on a ski slope and then got engaged just a few months later. Barbra also follows her husband’s ancestral lifestyle. 

The Liver King’s Height 

The Liver King, Brian Johnson is 5”7 tall. 

Liver King Steriods

The Liver King has gained millions of followers promoting misleading claims about his infamous “ancestral diet”. He posts videos of him eating his raw organ meats diet like bone marrow, tongue, liver, and testicles in his Texas mansion.

The Liver King has attracted the attention of famous YouTubers and influencers and was a guest on Logan Paul’s podcast and The Diary of A CEO podcast where he denied accusations of taking steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. Brian claimed that he got his physique by sticking to an ancient carnivorous diet. 

Joe Rogan, on his podcast, dismissed the Liver King’s claims about the superiority of liver consumption as a “gimmick”. On the podcast, Joe Rogan said: “[Liver King] has got an ass filled with steroids, is what that guy’s got”. A few months later, Liver King was exposed by Derek from More Plates More Dates in a YouTube video in which he uncovered private emails where The Liver King described his expensive steroid regimen needed to maintain his physique.

Brian Johnson took powerful anabolic steroids such as Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, testosterone cypionate, and Omnitrope. In the leaked emails, Johnson said he was spending approximately $11K USD per month on steroids. 

Liver King Before

Source: The Liver King’s Instagram

The Liver King looks almost unrecognizable 30 years before the fitness influencer developed a ripped physique. The baby-faced fitness addict gained his physique after his stepfather gifted him a bench press. At 16, the Liver King posed by the pool with his chiseled body on display. 

In a podcast, the Liver King said that he was the “only one of my kind at my school” and he “got the crap kicked [out of him], punched, and pummelled” for years. The abuse he suffered is what he credits for changing his life. To overcome his abusers, he took ownership of his life and built confidence through fitness.

Liver King Diet and Supplements

Source: The Liver King’s Instagram

The Liver King’s diet allegedly consists of raw animal organs such as the liver, bone marrow, bull’s testicles, cow’s lungs, heart, and other organs. He calls this the “ancient primal” carnivorous diet. He alleges that consuming nutrient-dense foods such as these will bring out the best version of you. 

He emphasizes that we should remain intuitive and listen to our body as it knows what it needs. In regards to supplementation, the Liver King uses supplements as a secondary means to enhance a nutrient-rich diet.

Currently, the Liver King is known to use the following supplements:

  1. Ancestral Supplement Minerals: Nature’s Whole Food Electrolyte and Mineral Complex
  2. Ancestral Supplements: Beef Organs
  3. The Fittest: Whole Feast protein powder
  4. Vitamin D3
  5. UVEX Glasses (Liver King doesn’t want even a glimpse of artificial ambient light to disrupt sleep physiology)

What Can We Learn From Brian Johnson AKA Liver King?

The more I learn about Liver King, the more there is to admire about him. If we take away all of the lies he has mentioned about not taking PEDs, his life philosophy makes a lot of sense and it would benefit each of us to adopt a headstrong and “go get it” attitude.

With that said, I will not be eating raw liver, hearts, or testicles any time soon.

I’m a big believer in following your journey even if it’s more bizarre than others. The Liver King highlighted the power of sleep, moving, shielding, eating, connecting, cold and sun exposure, and the necessity of struggle for personal growth.

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Contacts and Booking Info

For any inquiries, you can get in touch with The Liver King via his email at, his Instagram account, or his TikTok

Follow The Liver King on YouTube

As of 2024, the Liver King has over 320K subscribers on YouTube, where he uploads his vlogs and training content, which you can check out here.


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