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X3 Bar

Phone: +1 530-470-6156
URL: https://www.jaquishbiomedical.com

Review Summary:

Do you want to build muscle three times faster than lifting weights in the gym? Dr. John Jaquish created the X3 Bar which is an all-in-one home gym system that will give you unbeatable results. The X3 bar will change your mindset about training. It’s a portable gym that gives you full-body workouts while on the go with lower risks of injury.

  • PROS:
  • Up to 600 lbs of available force
  • Made of high-quality material that is designed to last a long time
  • Build strength faster
  • Comes with free 12-week strength full-body muscle workouts
  • Make gains in just 10 minutes a day
  • CONS:
  • Expensive at $549!
  • Not Ideal for shorter people
  • Safety concerns with some exercises such as overhead presses and tricep push-downs

Quick Facts:

Founded: 2018
Price: $549
Beginner Friendly: Yes

Risk of Injury: Minimal if you warm up and use the appropriate resistance level
Founded by: Dr. John Jaquish
Target Audience: Athletes of All Levels

Benefits Expected?: More Resistance Where Your Body Is Stronger, Less Risk of Injury Than Traditional Weights, Easier On Joints and Harder On The Muscle

If a home workout is your thing then you would love the X3 Bar. This complete all-in-one home gym system provides a faster and more efficient training alternative to conventional weight lifting equipment such as dumbells, squat racks, and bench press machines.

The X3 bar is for those with limited space and who travel a lot. It’s hard to stick to a routine if you are traveling so why not take this portable gym with you wherever you go? In that case, read on to find out the pros and cons of the X3 bar. 

What is the X3 Bar?

The X3 Bar is an all-in-one home gym system that combines an Olympic bar-grade alloy steel barbell with internal bearings that are connected to a heavy-duty resistance band, giving you up to 600 lbs (272 kg) of force in a portable package. It also comes with a heavy-duty ground plate to protect ankles from high forces. 

X3 Bar Features

The X3 Bar is invented by Dr. John Jaquish. He is also known as the ‘Tony Stark of the fitness industry” by disturbing exercise science with a medical device to help patients suffering from osteoporosis. The OsteoStrong is a unique system for developing your skeletal strength and its users see improvements in bone density, posture, balance, athletic performance, and less joint and back pain. 

His second invention is the X3 Bar which transpires from years of research on the best way to achieve greater exercise benefits than free weights and cable machines. The X3 Bar has an innovative design and function for muscle-building and strength training in a piece of compact exercise equipment. 

To support this claim, Dr. John Jaquish referenced this study which suggests that users who train with combined elastic and free weight resistance are better for strength gains in comparison to free weight resistance training alone. 

The bar is reminiscent of an Olympic barbell. It is constructed from specially machined alloy steel with internal bearings, like an Olympic bar, so that the grip is always optimized when during deadlifts and chest presses. There are various exercises you can do with the X3 Bar ranging from squats, barbell bicep curls, tricep presses, overhead presses, front squats, split squats, calf raises, and many more. 

What I like about the bar is the knurling pattern on the barbell which gives me more grip when working out. If you suffer from sweaty hands like me then you’ll love the knurling as it should help you from slipping your hands. And if this is not enough, consider using chalk to gain extra grip. Check out the Best 8 Gym Chalks For Calisthenics and Weight Lifting in 2024 article. 

Within the package, it comes with four X3 custom-engineered resistance bands that are made from robust layered latex of notable thickness. This includes:

  • Extra-Light Band: 10-100 lbs
  • Light Band: 25-160 lbs
  • Medium Band: 50-240 lbs
  • Heavy Band: 60-300 lbs

Evidence from a study suggests that resistance training with elastic devices provides similar strength gains when compared to resistance training performed from conventional devices. Muscle strength can be improved by 9.8% to 23.5% after 18 weeks of elastic band resistance training.     

These bands provide up to 30% more resistance than other layered latex bands on the market. You can also purchase the Elite Band separately at $99, which provides 600 lbs (272 kg) of resistance, ideal for experienced fitness enthusiasts. 

Again, for what it’s worth, these bands are very pricey for what it’s worth. There are plenty of high-quality resistance band options you can buy on Amazon that will allow you to do all of the same exercises effectively for a fraction of the price. 

The ground plate is constructed of heavy-duty alloy steel to protect your ankles from high training forces, which have the potential to exceed 600 lbs of resistance. This is the biggest item in the package which is measured around 10 inches long and 19 inches wide, a great size to pack in a travel bag. 

X3 Bar Reviews 

The X3 bar has a high positive customer review of 4.8 average ratings, with over 5,100 reviews. Customers find that the X3 seriously changes the game when it comes to strength training, and they see and feel changes in their bodies within 4 weeks of using it. 

The five-star reviews go frenzy about the quality of the system. It is “compact, portable, and time-saving compared with traditional resistance training equipment or trips to the gym”. However, negative reviews suggest that this device may not be suitable for smaller users. A female user had to purchase a shorter, lighter band to accommodate her frame.

That being said, this equipment is still just a bar and a piece of plastic. There are products out there that are just as good and cost half the price such as the Redge Fit Portable Gym Machine

X3 Bar Review Of The Buying Process + Shipping

Ordering the X3 Bar was a breeze and shipping with delivery was seamless. I kept getting informed of shipping and delivery times. I also go emails about how to get started with the X3, and if you have any questions after receiving the X3, expect the response to be sent within 24 hours. 

X3 Bar Quality

The barbell, band, and platform are high quality. Some verified reviews mentioned that they’ve had the X3 Bar for over two years and it’s still going strong. The progression from one band to the next is good and it’s durable.

But, the price is pretty steep, they should include additional components such as a velcro-closure nylon sheath to put around the bands to hold them together when doing exercises that require the bands to be doubled. Also, it needs a feature where the bar could be extended wide grip preferences. I think the price should be half of what they ask for!

X3 Bar Workouts

The X3 Bar comes with an easy-to-follow 12-Week Training Program including full-body muscle-developing workouts. Below are five exercises that you can go through back-to-back before resting for 1-2 minutes. Do this for three sets in total and should feel the burn:

  • Bicep Curls
  • Front Squats
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Good Mornings
  • Chest Presses

This is a full-body training split, but you can do other splits such as push-pull split, or push-pull-legs split. It’s completely up to you but if you want more guidance on this, check out How To Start Calisthenics: A Beginner’s Guide (2024)

X3 Bar Alternative

The X3 Bar can be expensive and unaffordable for some, I mean $549 is a big price tag and it can be off-putting. This would in fact cost more than a standard yearly gym membership alone. Don’t worry because I’ve got an alternative which is the Redge Fit Bar: portable gym equipment that will fit in space and cost a fraction of the X3 Bar at $89.99.

I have made an in-depth Redge Fit Unboxing and Product Review covering the pros and cons of this machine. Overall it exceeds my expectations but when it comes to quality and sturdiness, the X3 is better. Here are follow-along workouts using the Redge Fit:


1. How To Use The X3 Bar?

Simply attach the X3 resistance band (at the desired thickness) to the hooks of the X3 Elite Bar, and place the band under the ground plate for ankle protection and to keep your feet neutral. 

2. Is The X3 Bar Worth It?

Although the price stands at a whopping $549, the design behind the X3 Bar would be worth the buy out of pure convenience. It’s compact so you can take it with you anywhere and train the full with less risk of injury than traditional weights. 

3. X3 Bar vs. Free Weights?

Resistance bands provide variable resistance in comparison to weight training which provides static resistance. The difference is that variable resistance is more effective for increasing the resistance as you reach the end range of the movement

For example, when you do a bench press, the load doesn’t change as you progress through the lift. According to Dr. Jaquish, weightlifting is counter-intuitive, it overloads joints and underloads muscles. Variable resistance does the opposite. 

It’s more challenging to maintain constant tension with weights as the weight load is static and easily falls back to the starting position. Resistance bands emphasize the eccentric phase of the movement, and they will naturally push your muscle to work harder during the concentric.

4. Why Does X3 Cost $549?

The X3 Bar needs to handle seven times the force of typical gym equipment because as Dr. Jaquish states that you are 7 times stronger than you think you are, so the bar needs to be built a lot tougher than home and commercial gym equipment.

For example, a typical Olympic Bar is hollow, but the X3 Bar has steel running all the way through, and it’s anodized on the aluminum exterior. Another reason is that all of the parts are sourced in the United States and manufactured in the United States.

5. How Many Repetitions Should I Do With The X3 Bar?

The X3 Bar workout requires one set of 15-40 repetitions for each muscle group, while traditional weight lifting uses several sets of 8-12 repetitions.

You should train each muscle group at least three times a week. Each day a major muscle group is worked and pushed to muscle exhaustion with just one set.

X3 Bar Final Thoughts

The X3 Bar is one of the best “gym” replacements in the market. It’s compact, portable, and time-saving compared with traditional resistance training equipment or trips to the gym. I feel that the quality of the product lives up to its expensive price tag, and it should last a long time. It also comes with a free 12-week workout program and nutrition program to help you build muscle, nourish your body and transform your physique.

Nevertheless, I suggest you don’t fall for all of the claims made by Dr. Jaquish, while a lot of what he says may be true, I feel it’s highly exaggerated. The X3 Bar is named after the claim that it builds muscle 3X faster, I don’t believe this is true for everyone. 

What I do highly agree with is that resistance bands are much easier on the joints, in comparison to weight lifting. It is a Godsend for those who are getting older but want to keep in shape, as well as those with bone, ligament, and joint problems. 

The X3 Bar Is Ideal For:

  • Home workouts
  • Travel and quick workouts 
  • Older users (50+ years)
  • Learning the correct form for any exercises as resistance bands put less stress on your joints
  • Building functional muscle without the risk of injury
  • X3 Contact Info

    Company: Jaquish Biomedical

    Support Hours: Monday-Friday open 24 hours

    Website URL: https://www.getredge.com/

    Email: support@jaquishbiomedical.com


    X3 Bar

    Phone: +1 530-470-6156
    URL: https://www.jaquishbiomedical.com


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