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A solid lower body exercise routine using unilateral moves, like the one created below, focuses on the main movement patterns: hip extension from a horizontal position (think, glute bridges), a hip hinge (like a deadlift), a squat pattern, and hip abduction (a side-lying leg lift). 

Lower body exercises should be a fundamental part of your fitness routine. The great thing about these exercises is you don’t need any equipment to work your thighs, calves, and glutes. All you need is your own body weight, and make sure you follow the instructions given by Calisthenics coach Pat Chadwick. But first, let’s go over some of the basic benefits of lower body exercises: 

Burns Calories and Promotes Weight Loss 

Increasing the strength in your lower body builds your stamina and boosts your metabolism leading to burned calories and weight loss. 

Helps With Everyday Activities

Some of the largest muscles are found in your lower body. The hips, butt, and legs are all important to keep strong in order to continue performing everyday tasks with ease. Building and maintaining the strength of these muscles leads to improved agility and balance which makes performing every activity like walking, climbing, and sitting easier. 

Good for Bone Health 

Bone joints tend to deteriorate as we age. This is why it’s crucial for your bone health to engage the muscles in your lower body to help prevent the painful effects of things like arthritis. Doing exercises like bodyweight squatslunges, and calf raises will help you remain in tip-top shape and prevent injury and deterioration down the line.     

Lower Body Exercises with Pat Chadwick 

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