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American fitness influencer and athlete, Broly Gainz has accomplished a tremendous amount of influence in the fitness space. He is renowned for his YouTube channel which shows calisthenics workout training and routines. Broly Gainz has a humorous reputation for speaking to random girls in public and lifting them.

Before he had more than 1.6 million subscribers watching him doing bodyweight workouts including muscle-ups, pull-ups, dips, and squats on Youtube, Broly Gainz got inspired to get ripped by watching Dragonball-Z. Broly is a Legendary Super Saiyan with an extraordinary physique and powers. Below, we’ll provide the best information on the athlete’s profile.

Broly Gainz Biography

Daryl Anthony Campbell, otherwise known as Broly Gainz was born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. His parents are Jamaican. He graduated high school in Bushwick and got a job as a chef at MackShack for two years. After his study break, Broly returned to school and worked as an electrical engineer and moved up the ranks, working with different companies.

Broly Gainz has been working out consistently since 2019. He started with weight training, but injury has forced him to stop and discover an alternative: calisthenics. Thanks to calisthenics, he gained a lot more strength, endurance, and a chiseled physique, all while healing his injuries acquired through bodybuilding. Now he lives and breathes bodyweight training and continues to inspire many all over the world to work out.

On 10 April 2020, Broly Gainz created his popular YouTube channel and now shares his workout routines weekly. He earns money through YouTube’s monetization program, calisthenics coaching, and brand endorsements.

Broly is private about his personal life and has not revealed any other information regarding his birthday and upbringing. While Broly Gainz’ official net worth is unknown, it is likely somewhere in the range of $2-3 million USD according to the published net worths of other athletes with similarly sized public profiles.

Broly Gainz Workout

Broly Gainz can be considered to be a hardcore calisthenics practitioner, his training revolved around bodyweight training with a mixture of endurance (high reps) and weighted calisthenics.

Broly likes to do a full-body workout as he emphasizes “to not skip leg day”. Many of these exercises do not need a gym. Here is an example pyramid drop set that Broly Gainz has previously performed:

  • 10 pull-ups + 10 push-ups + 10 squats
  • 9 pull-ups + 9 push-ups + 9 squats
  • 8 pull-ups + 8 push-ups + 8 squats
  • 7 pull-ups + 7 push-ups + 7 squats
  • 6 pull-ups + 6 push-ups + 6 squats
  • 5 pull-ups + 5 push-ups + 5 squats
  • 4 pull-ups + 4 push-ups + 4 squats
  • 3 pull-ups + 3 push-ups + 3 squats
  • 2 pull-ups + 2 push-ups + 2 squats
  • 1 pull-ups + 1 push-ups + 1 squats

In addition to this, Broly uses exercise variations to keep his workouts fun and prevent a plateau. Here are some exercise variations that he implements in his routines

  • Pull-up variations: chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, close grip pull-ups, muscle-ups
  • Push-up variations: diamond push-ups, explosive push-ups, clapping push-ups, wide-push ups
  • Dips variations: straight bar dips, ring dips, and bench dips
  • Squats variations: jump squats, forward lunges, backward lunges,  jumping lunges, squat holds.

Broly Gainz Diet

Broly eats rich plant-based protein and fiber and he sometimes eats meat in his diet. This semi-vegetarian style of eating encourages him to eat less meat and more plant-based foods. He creates juices and smoothies to ensure he intakes his daily vitamin requirements. 

  • Breakfast: Peanut butter sandwich or doubles (bread filled with curried chickpeas)
  • Lunch: White rice, collard greens, and smoked turkey neck bone.
  • Dinner: Potatoes and snow crab legs
  • Snacks: Honey-nut Cheerios

Rarely eating junk food, home-cooked meals are what Broly Gainz eats all day, every day. He mentioned that he takes no supplements, protein powder, creatine, or pre-workouts, remarking that “Everything that I need is natural.”

Who Else Trains Like Broly Gainz?

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Broly Gainz Contacts and Booking Info

If you have any inquiries for Broly Gainz, you can contact him by sending him a direct message to his Instagram account. Alternatively, you can contact him on TikTok or Facebook.

Broly Gainz YouTube

As of 2024, Broly Gainz has more than 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, where you can check out his latest workout videos.


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