Goku Pump: Calisthenics Athlete Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Instagram, Workout, Natty Or Not (2024)

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Goku Pump, otherwise known as Bam Baam, is an American calisthenics athlete, fitness influencer, and instructor who is a well-known YouTube star. With over 500K YouTube subscribers, he is one of the most popular calisthenics athletes in America who earned fame not only in the U.S. but also all over the world. 

Since 1992, Goku Pump has been traveling back and forth between New York and Nigeria to be raised under the Yoruba culture and having to overcome low self-esteem by being different from other kids.

In 2018, he almost quit YouTube but has since gone on to achieve a large audience Given his level of grit and eye-popping physique, many may wonder, “Who is Goku Pump?” To answer this question, we put together this article to give you the best insight into his life.

Goku Pump: Quick Facts

Date of BirthBorn in 1992
Years Training8 Years
Awards and AccomplishmentsPhysical Therapy Graduate
Social MediaInstagram & Tiktok: @goku_pump
Best Known ForYouTube appearances on “Broly Gainz” and “Akeem Supreme”

Goku Pump Biography

Goku Pump was born in 1992 in Brooklyn, New York, and his real name is Babatunde Aladatuyembo. He moved back to Nigeria right after he was born to live with his father to learn the Yoruba culture and go to school. His parents divorced in 2001, forcing Goku to move back to New York to live with his mother, where he attended elementary school.

At the age of 15, he was sent back to Nigeria after getting caught smoking weed. Only this time, he was sent back to the villages to live with his grandmother. In his exclusive interview, Goku Pump says “I’ve always liked working out.” In Nigeria, he would walk back and forth to fetch some water with a heavy bucket on his head three to four times a day, this would be a sort of physical activity he’d do every day. He would also do push-ups here and there.

His tough mindset would be carried forward to Goku’s return to New York at 19 to finish his high school studies at Sheepshead Bay. He then went on to study physical therapy at the Borough of Manhattan Community College thereafter.

In 2015, Goku created a YouTube channel posting his fitness routines and tutorials after getting inspired by watching BarBrothers videos. As of 2024, Goku Pump has over 515K subscribers on his channel.

Goku Pump Height and Weight

Goku Pump is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs between 185 lbs to 210 lbs.

Goku Pump Diet

Goku Pump is a big believer in a plant-based diet. Being a vegan allows him to maintain his training performance and physique. Once he started, he fell in love with natural remedies and never looked back. Another surprising fact is that he does not take any supplements.

A big influence on being a vegan is his training buddy, Broly Gainz. If you want to learn more about Broly, we have compiled a short biography of him in this Broly Gainz athlete profile. Here are some examples of what Goku Pump eats in a day:

  • Breakfast: cornmeal mixed with water, oat milk, honey, nutmeg, and sea moss
  • Lunch: wheat bread mixed with sweet plantains, collard greens, and bell peppers
  • Dinner: collard greens mixed with bean sprouts, bell peppers, brown rice, and plantain

Goku Pump: Natty or Not?

Consistency is the name of the game for Goku Pump. He has routines in place that allow him to achieve his muscular physique. Vegetables power him, and he does not take steroids or any performance-enhancing drugs.

Genetics plays a big factor in his physical appearance. He says, “All it takes is discipline, you have to stick to this on a consistent basis.” 

Goku Pump Workout

Goku Pump usually trains six days a week. He once stated that “the least I’ll work out is 4 days a week, and on a good week, I’ll work out 7 days a week.” He mainly does bodyweight and weighted calisthenics for the upper body, and for the lower body, he uses dumbbells and a weighted vest for added resistance. 

Supersets are a must for Goku Pump as this not only saves time but also increases time under tension on the muscle, a key component in inducing hypertrophy and muscle growth. Here is an example of his workouts:

Upper Body:

  1. 10 Archer Pull-Ups and 20 Archer Push-Ups (3-5 sets)
  2. 10 Wide Pull-Ups and 20 Wide Push-Ups (3-5 sets)
  3. 10 Tucked Planche Dips and 10 Tucked Front Lever Pull-Ups  (3-5 sets)
  4. 10 Dips and 10 Decline Inverted Pull-Ups  (3-5 sets)
  5. 10 Standard Pull-Ups and 20 Standard Push-Ups  (3-5 sets)
  6. 10 Muscle-Ups, 10 Straight Bar Dips, and 10 Pull-Ups  (3-5 sets) 

Lower Body:

  1. 10 Weighted Jump Squats
  2. 25 Weighted Lunges
  3. 10 Weighted Jump Squats
  4. 25 Weighted Lunges
  5. 10 Weighted Jump Squats
  6. Repeat 3x
  7. Dumbbell Squats (100lbs/45kg) for 4 sets x 10-15 reps

What Can We Learn From Goku Pump?

When it comes to hard work and consistency, Goku Pump is a prime example. He had a tough childhood growing up, working full time as a kid and regularly moving back and forth between New York and Nigeria. His journey with YouTube didn’t always go as how it was supposed to, and he almost quit it all in 2018. 

Now with hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, Goku Pump focuses on his purpose, which is to help and inspire people to get into fitness regardless of how much money or how many views he gets.

Working out does a lot for a person as it gives you discipline, and if you apply this discipline to any other aspect of life then you’re sure to succeed—this is Goku Pump’s philosophy in a nutshell.

Who Else Trains Like Goku Pump?

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Goku Pump Contacts and Booking Info

Goku Pump is active on many social media platforms. For business inquiries you can email him at become.a.lion.29@gmail.com or, you can directly message him on Instagram and TikTok.

Goku Pump YouTube

Broly Gainz has over 500K subscribers on YouTube, where you can check out his latest workout videos.


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