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I decided to create a centralized page to list all world records in popular exercises. Let it be a source of motivation for all of us! Some of these world records are hard to believe but true. If you have any world record you’d like to add to this list, please contact us and let us know the exercise name, the world record achieved, the name of the person, their nationality AND your source supporting the claim.

Push Ups

  • Most Push-Ups in 1 Minute: 101 push-ups
    • Record Holder: Charles Servizio
    • Nationality: United States
  • Most Push-Ups in 1 Hour: 2,806 push-ups
    • Record Holder: Charles Servizio
    • Nationality: United States

Pull Ups

  • Most Pull-Ups in 1 Minute: 68 pull-ups
    • Record Holder: Jan Kares
    • Nationality: Czech Republic
  • Most Pull-Ups in 24 Hours: 7,306 pull-ups
    • Record Holder: Adam Sandel
    • Nationality: United States


  • Most Squats in 1 Hour: 5,135 squats
    • Record Holder: Yashwant Singh
    • Nationality: India
  • Most Squats in 24 Hours: 25,000 squats
    • Record Holder: Charles Servizio
    • Nationality: United States

Dead Hangs (Pull Up Bar Hang)

  • Longest Dead Hang: 8 hours, 1 minute, and 1 second
    • Record Holder: Jan Kares
    • Nationality: Czech Republic

Jumping Jacks

  • Most Jumping Jacks in 1 Minute: 61 jumping jacks
    • Record Holder: Gavin George
    • Nationality: United States
  • Most Jumping Jacks in 24 Hours: 108,423 jumping jacks
    • Record Holder: Roshni Sanghvi
    • Nationality: India


  • Most Burpees in 1 Minute: 17 burpees
    • Record Holder: Robbie Lariviere
    • Nationality: United States
  • Most Burpees in 24 Hours: 13,190 burpees
    • Record Holder: Charles Servizio
    • Nationality: United States


  • Longest Plank: 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds
    • Record Holder: Mao Weidong
    • Nationality: China


  • Longest Handstand: 10 hours, 43 minutes
    • Record Holder: Andrii Bondarenko
    • Nationality: Ukraine

Wall Sits

  • Longest Wall Sit: 11 hours, 51 minutes
    • Record Holder: Dr. Thienna Ho
    • Nationality: Vietnam

Skipping Rope (Jump Rope)

  • Most Consecutive Skips: 13,271 skips
    • Record Holder: Katsuyoshi Ishida
    • Nationality: Japan

Treadmill Running

  • Longest Distance Run on a Treadmill in 24 Hours: 261.18 miles (420.08 km)
    • Record Holder: Andy Jones-Wilkins
    • Nationality: United States

Sit Ups

  • Most Sit-Ups in 1 Minute: 86 sit-ups
    • Record Holder: Ronan Doyle
    • Nationality: Ireland
  • Most Sit-Ups in 1 Hour: 2,006 sit-ups
    • Record Holder: Richard McCann
    • Nationality: United Kingdom


  • Most Dips in 1 Minute: 43 dips
    • Record Holder: Yvan Do-Duc
    • Nationality: France

Mountain Climbers

  • Most Mountain Climbers in 1 Minute: 56 mountain climbers
    • Record Holder: Mitch Vanhille
    • Nationality: Belgium

Bicep Curls (with 40lb barbell)

  • Most Bicep Curls (with 40lb barbell) in 1 Minute: 43 bicep curls
    • Record Holder: Abdulkader Al Sheibi
    • Nationality: Bahrain

Box Jumps

  • Most Box Jumps in 1 Minute: 79 box jumps
    • Record Holder: Ian Clark
    • Nationality: United States

One-Arm Push Ups

  • Most One-Arm Push-Ups in 1 Minute: 40 one-arm push-ups
    • Record Holder: Miguel Cabrera
    • Nationality: United States

Chin Ups

  • Most Chin-Ups in 1 Minute: 49 chin-ups
    • Record Holder: Yusuke Kirimoto
    • Nationality: Japan

Leg Raises (Hanging)

  • Most Leg Raises (Hanging) in 1 Minute: 40 leg raises
    • Record Holder: Benjamin Timmis
    • Nationality: United Kingdom

Skipping Rope (Jump Rope)

  • Most Skipping Rope Jumps in 1 Minute: 284 jumps
    • Record Holder: Anuj Mundhra
    • Nationality: India

Please remember that world records can change, and it’s best to verify the most up-to-date information from official record-keeping sources. We will try to keep this list up-to-date. If you have a tip or want to correct one of these figures, please contact us.

Which World Record do you find the most impressive in this list? Let me know by commenting below. For me, it’s that plank world record! How the heck was that guy able to achieve an 8+ hour plank? Does he have a titanium rod for a spine? 🙂


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