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The man behind the infamous claim that “weightlifting is a waste of time” is none other than Dr. John Jaquish. As a doctor, scientist, inventor, and author, Dr. Jaquish has spent years researching ways to improve one’s overall health and well-being. As the Principal of Jaquish Biomedical, he created a bone-density building medical technology called OsteoStrong and the variable resistance machine X3 Bar for building lean muscle.

He has gained popularity from his best-selling book, which exposes the failures of the fitness industry. In Dr. John Jaquish’s book, Weightlifting is a Waste of Time he boldly claims that the benefits of working out with his X3 Bar system are superior to traditional cardio and weight training.

A business partner with coach and best-selling author Tony Robbins, Dr. John Jaquish has founded numerous businesses. His entrepreneurial career started with his company bioDensity, a venture he initially founded to treat his mother’s osteoporosis. This then led to a spiral of numerous inventions that you see on his website today. 

Let’s look at  Dr. John Jaquish’s profile and uncover why he is called the “Tony Stark of the fitness industry”.

Dr. John Jaquish: Quick Facts

Years Training20+ years
Awards and AccomplishmentsPh.D, Biomedical Engineering Research at Rushmore University
Social MediaInstragram, Facebook, and Tiktok: @drjaquish
Best Known ForX3 Bar, Jaquish Biomedical, Weight lifting is a waste of time

What Is John Jaquish’s Net Worth?

Dr. John Jaquish has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.9 million. In a Forbes entrepreneur profile, the magazine stated that Dr. Jaquish set out not to revolutionize the fitness industry, but to invent a device that would get a lifetime’s worth of results with less effort.

Dr. John Jaquish Biography

When Dr. Jaquish’s mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2004, he made the tough decision to treat bone loss without drugs and instead created a device to place axial loading through one’s bones to safely cause osteogenic loading events. The basis for this device’s framework was gymnastics

On Fox-32 Midday, Dr. Jaquish mentioned that gymnasts hit the ground at a very high velocity, which compresses bones very briefly during landing. When the bone is being compressed, osteogenesis is stimulated. During this event, the cells in the bone draw in minerals and make the bone stronger.  

This device has helped strengthen his mother’s bones and triggered high-impact loading without the risk of injury. After 18 months of therapy, his mother went from borderline osteoporosis back to having a healthy bone profile. The device, called bioDensity, has been placed in over 300 clinics worldwide, helping over 600,000 individuals with osteoporosis

In 1995, Dr. Jaquish attended California State University to study Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. He then completed his master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Phoenix. 

In 2005, he successfully reversed his mother’s osteoporosis, and in 2006 he concluded a four-year doctorate research program in Biomedical Engineering at Rushmore University. He spearheaded testing with human subjects on ergonomics, biomechanics, and optimal musculoskeletal stimulation. There is some controversy surrounding Dr. Jaquish’s PhD credentials, considering that Rushmore University is an unaccredited institution and not a recognized university.

Dr. Jaquish has taken what he learned about bone rehabilitation and applied it to a new problem: weight lifters who work out for years without achieving the physique they want. In 2009, Jaquish Medical founded a cutting-edge solution to this problem: the X3 Bar.

Fast forward to today, and Dr. John Jaquish has a doctoral degree and is a business partner with Tony Robbins. He is the inventor of OsteoStrong and X3 Bar devices. 

How Did Dr. John Jaquish Build His Wealth?

Dr. John Jaquish has a remarkable talent for creating innovative products and disrupting the fitness industry. It all started in 2004 when his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After inventing the OsteoStrong, Dr. Jaquish’s extraordinary ability to create inventive products such as the X3 Bar and protect his creations has earned him a large fortune.

Jaquish Medical: X3 Bar With Resistance Bands

The X3 Bar is an exercise device that is claimed to be far more effective in stimulating muscle growth than conventional weightlifting. It is an all-in-one home gym with X3 resistance bands connected by a barbell. 

The X3 uses variable resistance training which facilitates different weight loads and helps to overcome sticking points during resistance training. This type of training reduces skeletal muscle resistance at the weakest point in one’s range of motion and provides greater resistance in areas with more strength.

For more details on this innovative product, check out our exclusive review of the X3 Bar, where I dive into the pros and cons of this device, and give my honest opinion on whether it’s worth its big price tag.

Other Athletes and Entrepreneurs Like Dr. John Jaquish

Not all athletes have the same style. Dr. John Jaquish is different from other athletes that we have reviewed because he trains exclusively with the X3 Bar in his workouts. To see athletes with a similar approach to Dr. Jaquish, check out these incredible athlete profiles:

Want to Train Like Dr. John Jaquish?

What Dr. John Jaquish has achieved takes hard work, consistency, and the right training program. Yet, despite not using any weights, he was able to achieve his incredible physique. Variable resistance training using the X3 Elite Bar, X3 resistance bands, and the ground plate, has been proven to be a viable way to build muscle based on his results alone.

To learn more about how to develop your strength and physique with these types of alternative training, see our reviews of the Redge Fit, a device similar to the X3 Bar, and its follow-along full-body workout, lower-body workout, and upper-body workout routines.

Dr. John Jaquish Contacts and Booking Info

To contact Dr. John Jaquish, try sending a direct message to his social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Alternatively, you can email him at support@jaquishbiomedical.com

Dr. John Jaquish Youtube

Dr. John Jaquish has over 88K subscribers on his YouTube channel.


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